The Hexagonal Cell is a multifunctional cell for open spaces and interiors that are made in accordance with the concept of quick-assembly modular houses and buildings from Quick Home Ltd.

The main task of The Hexagonal Cell is to solve the problem of using free space and noise dissipation, as well as increase the status of the institution where the cells will be installed.


The shape of the hexagon allows you to effectively join the volumes between each other and compactly fill the space.
An example of such a method can serve as a bee, who build their hives in the form of cells that turn perform their function.

Possible Usage

The Hexagonal Cell can be used as a cafe, a street kiosk, a children's playground, a hotel, a storehouse and so on. The use cases are limited only by your imagination.


  • Increase the area up and side
  • High speed commissioning
  • Versatility and a wide range of uses
  • Uncluttered look
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